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Is your teen ready to learn more about God's gift of language? Are you searching for a step-by-step homeschool curriculum to teach him with? Try the LIFEPAC English IV Unit 4 Worktext! Consumable lessons in this Alpha Omega curriculum cover important language topics like origins of language, semantics, grammar, and more. Tests are included.




Does your highschooler know where language came from? Or how it is a gift from God? After completing the LIFEPAC English IV Unit 4 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications, he will! This fun-filled, print-based worktext will broaden your homeschool student's understanding of language by exploring biblical origin, Koine Greek, purpose of grammar, and semantics. This consumable worktext, the fourth in a series of ten, contains flexible, student-directed lessons that allow your teenager to learn at his own pace! How great is that? Plus, vocabulary words, a variety of question formats, consistent reviews, and self tests are all included and work together to build and test your student's comprehension. In addition, one removable teacher-administered unit test is included to help you track your student's progress. Isn't that just what you need?

There's more good news. The LIFEPAC English IV Unit 4 Worktexts self-paced lessons are ideal for personalized instruction, allowing time for you to add additional enriching activities. What's more, your student will quickly progress through this motivating Alpha Omega curriculum, completing it in just three to four weeks! Now that's sure to make language arts your teenager's favorite subject. Here's the best news: unlike other bulky, intimidating language textbooks, this amazingly thin worktext will encourage your student to complete lessons with its convenient, manageable size. So improve your teen's knowledge of language with the affordable LIFEPAC English IV Unit 4 Worktext! Get yours today.

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