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Is your student ready to learn the science of waves? Want to teach this science concept, but need a little assistance? Try the LIFEPAC Physics Unit 4 Worktext! This structured, consumable Alpha Omega curriculum covers topics like energy transfers, diffraction, interference, and refraction of waves. Tests included.




Wondering how to present the science of waves to your highschooler in a clear, step-by-step manner? Great news! You'll find the help you need in the best-selling LIFEPAC Physics Unit 4 Worktext Alpha Omega Publications! This is fourth in a series of ten science curriculum worktexts allows your homeschool child to progress through student-directed lessons while learning essential science fundamentals! Topics covered in this Alpha Omega curriculum include energy transfers, diffraction and interference, reflection and refraction of waves, and sound waves. Included throughout the text are consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test which are designed to reinforce and build student comprehension. Hands-on experiment ideas are also added to help explain lesson concepts to your teen!

That's not all! Rest assured that your student's confidence will increase as he self-paces through the each of these step-by-step, Christian-based lessons. And here's more good news. The print-based LIFEPAC Physics Unit 4 Worktext can by completed in just three to four weeks, giving your highschooler rewarding sense of progress. In addition, this compact homeschool curriculum makes studying science more manageable, in contrast to other thick, over-sized textbooks offered in many advanced high school courses. So what's not to love? Experience the best-selling, affordable LIFEPAC homeschool curriculum today by ordering the LIFEPAC Physics Unit 4 Worktext! Add it to your cart now.

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