AOA Alliance

The Alliance Program through Alpha Omega Academy

Expand your school’s course offerings quickly and easily with the Alliance Program through Alpha Omega Publications’ online academy. AOA Alliance allows students to be enrolled at your Christian school while simultaneously taking courses through our fully accredited Alpha Omega Academy. The academy offers an assortment of courses and provides distance learning teachers, academic assistance, report cards, transcripts, and flexible enrollment to fit the individual needs of your students and school.

Program Benefits

  • Full Accreditation - Parents and students get the security of knowing courses from AOA are held to high quality standards necessary to maintain accreditation, which is recognized worldwide by colleges and universities.
  • Wide Variety - You can offer your students a Christian online curriculum that includes over 60 high school electives. View our complete course options.
  • Qualified Teachers – All Alpha Omega Academy teachers provide proven teaching excellence and have a degree or certification in the fields they teach.
  • Selective Enrollment - You have the flexibility to enroll your entire school or individual students based on your needs throughout the year, not just at the beginning of a term.
  • Easy Expansion - With AOA Alliance, you can expand your Christian school to include high school without adding classrooms, teachers, or resources.
  • Academic Assistance - Alpha Omega Academy provides academic planning, grading, report cards, and transcripts for all AOA Alliance students.
  • College Credit – Help students at your Christian school get a head start on college. Through a partnership with the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, AOA prepares students for higher education through over 65 dual credit college courses.

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