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Are you wondering what topics are covered in the LIFEPAC curriculum? Want to see what your student will learn by subject and grade? If so, you need the LIFEPAC Scope & Sequence! This soft-cover resource offers a complete LIFEPAC curriculum overview of topics and themes studied in every unit in grades K-12. Elective topics included.

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Want a comprehensive look at what the LIFEPAC curriculum covers? Curious about what is taught in each subject, grade, and unit? If so, the LIFEPAC Scope & Sequence from Alpha Omega Publications is just what you need! This informative, soft-cover booklet contains a clear overview of all topics studied in the LIFEPAC core curriculum subjects. This booklet is divided into separate sections for each LIFEPAC subject: Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science. Within each subject section are listed individual grades K-12 and the units with corresponding topics outlined in a clear, easy-to-follow column format. How great is that? Using this at-a-glance resource, you'll be able to easily locate what topics are studied in each LIFEPAC subject, grade, and unit. Now that's a valuable tool that's worth getting!

And that's not all either! The LIFEPAC Scope & Sequence also offers a complete look at topics studied in each of the LIFEPAC elective courses. Imagine being able to quickly find exactly what you're student will be studying! This resource is perfect for parents considering switching to the LIFEPAC curriculum and is great for helping identify possible learning gap areas. Also included is a quick overview of the Philosophy of Education for the Bible-based LIFEPAC curriculum. So if you've been wondering what the LIFEPAC curriculum covers and why, the very affordable LIFEPAC Scope & Sequence will tell you everything you need to know! Don't wait. Add this handy resource to your cart now!
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