4 Important Factors to Consider about Accreditation

Posted on Friday, December 21st, 2018

With over 15 years of experience in academic leadership, including recently leading a team through accreditation processes for AdvancED and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Josh Rosh, the executive director of academy operations at Alpha Omega Publications, recently offered a free workshop for school leaders on factors to consider in deciding whether to pursue or not pursue accreditation for your school.

1. Consult your stakeholders (students, families, faculty, school board, community, etc.)
“Accreditation is not always necessary. I believe accreditation should serve the school, so if the mission and the vision is not served and bettered and furthered by seeking accreditation, then you may not need to pursue it.”

2. Consider your alternatives.
a. Self-accreditation
“You aren’t promoting yourself as self-accredited, but what I mean by this is that your school has a very unique mission and vision. If the school is very transparent, and they lead with that mission and vision with all stakeholders, and if that information is shared so openly and freely and the school is so aligned with it, then having a third party body come in and look under the hood and say that the school is doing a good job is of no benefit.”

b. Associations
“Move through your journey as an institution with likeminded schools and organizations and glean ideas and resources from those likeminded associations.”

3. Calculate your capacity.
“You have to look at who within the organization (and really it’s more of a team effort) has the capacity and the margin on their plate to be responsible for the work that goes into accreditation, especially if you’re talking about getting accredited for the first time.”

4. Capture your data.
“Data can really be just about anything, but you really need to consider how you capture data as a school and what data do you have to provide to an accrediting body and use in your self-evaluation against whatever standards the accrediting agency or body has, you need data to tell your story.”

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