AOA Alliance School Excels on the Ice and in the Classroom

Posted on Thursday, April 18th, 2019


An AOA Alliance school is excelling in the classroom, as well as on the ice in its inaugural hockey season.

Located in the State of Hockey in Alexandria, Minnesota, NorthStar Christian Academy (NCA) has a roster comprised of 23 student athletes from 11 different states.

“We’re looking to build a world-class training facility to train on the ice and in the classroom, as well as spiritually,” said Rick Randazzo, hockey director for NCA, as well as executive director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) hockey, in a feature story by The Rink Live. “That’s the goal that we have for the NorthStar Christian Academy.”

In their first season, the Knights went undefeated in the North American Prospects Hockey League, won its league championship, and finished with more than 40 victories in less than 60 games. The Knights also expect to be equally tough on the ice next year, as they lose only five players to graduation. Still, Randazzo is quick to emphasize that NCA values much more than wins.

“Success for the Knights will be measured by our players growth on the ice and spiritually,” Randazzo told KXRA Radio. “We fully believe that our players will improve dramatically on their skating, skill work, and team play, but also deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ.”

It’s that emphasis on growing spiritually that led to Jackson Vercellono leaving his home in New Hampshire to attend NCA halfway across the country.

“I like how we can all join together as a group of brothers through our faith,” the team’s captain said. “We just get to go out and play the sport that we love.”

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