Approximately one month remains before school bells start to ring and students sprint from school busses into classrooms across the nation. As you finalize plans for the upcoming year, consider how your school can provide the benefits students might find at a larger school while maintaining the Christian worldview they desire.

Dual enrollment provides a simple, budget-friendly solution for small Christian schools striving to expand their program. Dual enrollment lets students fully enroll in your school while simultaneously taking distance learning courses. Through dual enrollment, you can retain current students by providing exciting new course options and provide unique opportunities for prospective students.

AOP’s fully accredited distance learning academy, Alpha Omega Academy, provides a variety of Christian schools with distance learning courses each year. Here are nine reasons schools choose to dual enroll through Alpha Omega Academy:

1. Accreditation – AOA is fully accredited, meaning courses meet high academic standards and are more likely to be recognized by colleges and universities worldwide.

2. Staff expansion – In addition to courses, the academy provides qualified, caring instructors to teach distance learning courses and provide students with individual instruction.

3. Broad course selection – Offer students more electives without the added stress of expanding your Christian school. AOA provides the teachers and resources your students need to complete the courses that interest them.

4. Access to additional grade levels – In addition to offering more electives, you can easily expand your K-8 curriculum to include high school distance learning courses.

5. Solutions for schedule conflicts– Instead of settling for an alternative course, students who wish to take two courses offered during the same class period can simply dual enroll.

6. Complete curriculum –With online classrooms and qualified instructors, dual enrollment can serve as your school’s full curriculum.

7. Transfer student accommodations – Forget playing catch up as students transfer to your Christian school. Based on your needs, you can dual enroll any number of students at any time of the year.

8. Credit recovery – Students who have failed a course can earn the credits they need to graduate through AOA’s distance learning program.

9. Community outreach – You can expand your Christian school’s enrollment by offering distance learning courses to the community at large. Make your dual enrollment option known to homeschoolers and other community members who might decide to participate.

For more information about dual enrollment through Alpha Omega Publications, visit our website or call 877-688-2652.