Marketing plays an important role within the world of Christian education. Though it sometimes seems to be a taboo subject, successful marketing helps schools keep their doors open and enrich young lives with the word of Christ.

Frequently, however, limited budgets put a damper on promotional strategies. Yet, funding does not have to have the final say in your school’s ability to execute a marketing plan. Couple the talents and resources in your Christian school with these five marketing strategies to welcome more students to your classrooms.

Send brochures to prospective families. Design an inexpensive, professional brochure that describes the benefits of attending your Christian school. Do research to identify the features that set your institution apart from others in the area and be sure to clearly outline your school’s vision, mission statement, and core values. When it’s finished, mail or email the final product to potential clients.

Design teacher business cards. Showcase the stature of your school by printing business cards that highlight both the quality of your school and one of its main assets, your teachers. Encourage employees to administer the cards to acquaintances on a regular basis. Consider awarding a small bonus to staff members who successfully recruit new students.

Present at local churches. Simply putting a face to the name of your school can be enough to coax curious community members into seriously considering enrollment. The beauty of this approach is that it requires minimal extra time and effort if staff members volunteer to present at their home churches. Marketing materials, such as business cards and brochures, can easily supplement the presentation or be sent home with children who attend Sunday school.

Turn current school members into marketing ambassadors. Since enrolled families are invested in your program as customers, their endorsement likely means more to prospective families than a pitch from administrators. In addition, existing families are familiar with your school system and require little direction when sharing your message with others. Simply provide families with key information through newsletters or other means and set them free to distribute it. Consider offering tuition discounts as incentive to families who submit successful referrals.

Create a social media presence. Though maintaining a well-groomed school website is important, it’s likely that even your current customers check social media more often than they visit your website. Complementing your current online presence with social media can keep the world up-to-date on upcoming school activities. Though Facebook and Twitter accounts won’t finalize new enrollments, posting links to your website can draw potential school members to your site. Blogging is another effective way to pique the interest of prospective school members. For tips on starting a blog, check out the article Seven Steps to a Christian School Blog.