The challenge of providing adequate resources on a limited budget is one that many Christian schools face. Instead of making cuts at your school, confront the challenge by offering additional services that can increase both enrollment and revenue. Here are five ways to expand enrollment and boost the budget at your Christian school.

1. Night classes offer a flexible learning opportunity to community members, local public school students who want to expand their course options, and avid learners at your own school who wish to take additional classes. Evenings are a great time to offer GED, CTE, and other valuable courses.

2. The Alliance Program through Alpha Omega Academy allows you to expand the number and variety of courses offered at your Christian school. Students enroll at your school, but take courses through AOP’s fully accredited Alpha Omega Academy. The academy provides distance learning teachers for each course, making it simple and easy to offer additional electives or grade levels to your students.

3. Summer remediation programs can serve students from both your Christian school and public schools in your area. You can choose to offer remediation onsite, through dual enrollment, or virtually, according to your school’s needs.

4. Course expansion allows your school to address the specific needs of more individuals. In addition to dual enrollment, offering both print and online courses can help your school grow. Prepare young students for preschool with AOP’s new Horizons Preschool for Three’s program. The beauty of starting young learners with print curriculum is that AOP can easily transition your students from print to our online curriculum in the future.

5. Virtual schools can be a complementary addition to your brick and mortar school. This nontraditional option provides flexible schooling opportunities to homeschool families and other community members. Participants can choose to work from home or attend your Christian school part-time. Part-time attendance often allows homeschoolers the opportunity to participate in school affiliated activities and organizations.

These are just some of the many options that can help your Christian school support a larger budget. For more information or ideas, call AOP at 877-688-2652.