In April's School Messenger, we looked at the reasons why to use YouTube to promote your Christian school! With such a visible and free social media tool available, using YouTube as a resource is a creative and affordable way to spread the word about your school to potential students and parents alike. Here's a quick recap of last month's article. YouTube is a no-cost video sharing website that allows users to upload and share videos with anyone you choose! Simple and quick to make, YouTube videos can be funny, serious, or anything between, and they are a great way to share information about your school.

 Ready to get you started? Here are some tips and helpful hints to follow as you make your own YouTube video for your Christian school!

How to make a YouTube video

Step 1 - Get a video camera (or a digital camera, webcam, or cell phone).

Just about every electronic device seems to have a video recorder in it these days! However, as a note of caution, not all electronic devices have the ability to record for an extended amount of time, and not all will have quality filming capabilities, either. Depending on your budget, your Christian school can save some money with a more affordable device, or better yet, you can even considering renting or borrowing a higher quality video camera.

Step 2 - Make your video!

Get your whole school involved, and let imaginations take flight! Put someone or a committee in charge of creating the video. Start with deciding what you want to say in your video and who you want your video audience to be. Most likely, you'll want to make a video which appeals to both parents and students, but you could focus on each audience individually and make two videos as well.

Decide an outline for your video based on what you'd like to say. Create a script of some kind so you can make sure you know what you'd like to accomplish in your video. Set deadlines and goals for those in charge of helping create the video. Involving everyone from teachers and students to parents and faculty can be powerful way to show the best features of your school. Plus, don't forget to showcase your physical school, classrooms, and other facilities, too!

Step 3 - Edit your video.

Depending on how finished and polished you'd like your Christian school video to be, you can do this step or you could skip it all together. However, to make a professional looking video, it's recommended you edit your video. Programs such as Apple®iMovie® or Windows®' MovieMaker® can help you add titles, effects, cut a bad outtake, add music, and much more. A great class project, editing your video could be done hands-on by students in your school! Remember, having a homemade video style is just fine.

Step 4 - Format your video for YouTube.

It's a good idea to format your Christian school's video so it looks its best on YouTube. Visit YouTube help pages to learn more about optimizing your video file for the site or view a list of current file formats supported by YouTube.

Tip: If you use a webcam and use Quick Capture®, you can upload your video directly to YouTube. No extra cord is necessary.

Step 5 - Create a YouTube account.

To upload your video for free on YouTube, you'll need to create an account. If you already have a Google email account and password, you can log in using that. If not, click on Create Account on YouTube's homepage to get started by creating your username and password; then enter required information. You're one step closer to uploading your video.

Step 6 - Make your video easy to find and upload it!

When you're uploading your video on YouTube, you will add a title and description, place it in categories, and set up a language. To help people find your video better, pick keywords that are relevant to your video. For example, use something like "Discover 10 Reasons to attend John Doe Christian High School." Make sure your description is detailed and piques viewers' interest so they want to watch it. Also, if you choose, you can make your video private and share only with a select list. Then upload your video to YouTube!

Tip: Many examples of Christian school videos are available on YouTube.

*Please note Alpha Omega Publications® is not affiliated with YouTube or the specific Christian school shown in video link above.

Step 7 - Promote your video.

You've made a great video, so don't forget to share it with everyone! Don't be discouraged if you don't get a large number of visits right after you upload your video. It takes time to build an audience. Create links to your video from your Christian school's website, place it on your school's Facebook or Twitter pages, and mention the video in your newsletters and in emails.

You can even ask your faculty members to add a link to the video in their email signature lines! Send a link to the video to all your students and parents and encourage them to share it with friends. Add your video to blogs, too, and promote it with fliers around your Christian school. You can even encourage local churches and pastors to watch your video and show it to their congregations.

Reach People for the Lord

Your Christian school's goal is sharing the good news of Christ's salvation. With YouTube, your Christian school can show potential parents and students the reasons why they should attend your school. Putting your school in front of more audiences helps you both spread the word about your Christian school and the good news of God's Word. So take advantage of this opportunity.

As the Bible reminds us in Romans 10:14-16, "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!"

Strengthen your resolve to reach and win souls for Christ. Your Christian school can go beyond the normal and to share the Lord's light to each and every person. Get started today by making, uploading, and promoting your Christian school with a YouTube video!

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