This 45-minute video series is dedicated to showing educators all the useful features and assessment options available in Ignitia that enable you to personalize learning content and individualize students’ learning experiences to support success. Plus, you’ll delve deeper into creating custom content and utilizing CRx and flex modes to personalize the content and engage students for a more interactive learning environment.

Ignitia Custom Course Creator (8:02)
Explore the process of creating your own custom course from a standard Ignitia course by searching curriculum, topics, and standards.

Custom Assignments & Assessments Part 1 (10:16)
Learn how to use Ignitia’s teacher authoring tool to create fun and engaging lessons, projects, and assessments using your own unique content.

Custom Assignments & Assessments Part 2 (10:23)
Continue to learn the ins and outs of Ignitia’s teacher authoring tool, which allows educators to personalize and enhance lessons, projects, and assignments within a custom course.

Ignitia Flex CRx (9:04)
Learn how to use Ignitia’s Flex CRx mode, which allows students to accelerate through a course when they have shown mastery of the curriculum while enrolled in the CRx mode. This handy feature enhances credit recovery within Ignitia online curriculum.

Ignitia Flex Assessments (9:51)
Meet the ever-changing needs of your school and students with Flex Assessments for Ignitia online curriculum. Flex assessments allow you to skip individual questions on a lesson, quiz, or test, remove skipped lesson content from subsequent quizzes and unit tests, and only pull quiz and test questions from the lessons you elect to include in the course.