This summer, make your school a popular destination for students by offering summer school courses through Alpha Omega Publications. The AOP Christian Schools Division offers an online curriculum and an accredited distance learning option to your school.

By partnering with AOP for your summer school needs, you can provide your students with more than 150 core and elective courses. Best of all, there are no minimum enrollment requirements for schools, so you can enroll any number of students in any number of courses based on their individual needs and interests.

With a wide selection of courses available, AOP works with your school to help your students recover credits or get a head start on next year. Additionally, AOP allows your school to offer educational opportunities to adults, build relationships with new families, and generate additional revenue throughout the summer.

“I have been at schools that use AOP for summer school for about four years,” one school administrator said. “At first there was some skepticism because of my prior experiences with online options. However, what I have heard from students and seen myself is that the AOP program uses a format that is easy for students to use while also being very rigorous plus integrating biblical truth into the lessons. I have been very pleased with my AOP experiences, and I would encourage other schools to examine the AOP programs to see what format would work in their setting and for their needs.”

For more information about summer school options, call 800-688-2652 to talk to an AOP educational specialist.