Ignitia Features

Created exclusively for Christian schools, Ignitia is a versatile and multifunctional online learning platform, with streamlined efficiencies and interactive features that enrich the educational experience for Christian teachers and students in elementary, middle, and high school.

quick installNo Installation
With no hardware, software, server, or network to install, your Christian school can be curriculum-ready in minutes.


Voice Automated Lesson TextAnytime Access
Ignitia curriculum allows students and educators 24/7 access from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Create unique online or virtual classrooms that support achievement.


Flexible Custom Course Editor and Threshold SettingFlexible Custom Course Editor and Threshold Setting
Ignitia allows teachers to create, share, and adapt courses to support differentiated learning, stimulate critical thinking, and enrich the classroom experience for every student. Add content, alter the pace and pass threshold, or add new content to meet diverse classroom needs.


Intuitive, Easy-to-use InterfaceIntuitive, Easy-to-use Interface
The look and feel of Ignitia facilitates navigation and guides users seamlessly through the curriculum, communication tools, and administrative applications.


Progressive School-year Scheduling and Lesson PlanningProgressive School-year Scheduling and Lesson Planning
Dynamic scheduling and rescheduling allow administrators to globally manage school schedules for multiple terms. Automatic updates make it easy for students to stay on track.


Advanced Administrative and Teacher ControlAdvanced Administrative and Teacher Control
Teachers and administrators have various options for determining staff and student access, student assignments, and pass thresholds for increased flexibility and security.


Prescriptive Credit RecoveryPrescriptive Credit Recovery
Diagnostic testing in language arts and math allows teachers to identify content areas in which students need review, so students who previously failed a course can recover the credits they need to graduate without repeating the entire course.


Automatic GradingAutomatic Grading
The majority of student work is automatically graded with Ignitia. Students receive instant feedback, and data is stored for later reporting with this practical, time-saving feature.


Real-time Curriculum UpdatesReal-time Curriculum Updates
With real-time curriculum updates, students always have the most up-to-date content, and teachers don't have to worry about making changes or corrections.


Multiple Teacher SettingsMultiple Teacher Settings
With this convenient feature, administrators can give teachers three different levels of authority over all program features and student data.


Built-in Global CalendarBuilt-in Global Calendar
This useful, customizable tool keeps everyone informed and updates automatically when changes are made. Events can be added, removed, or modified with ease and school work is automatically re-generated to the new dates.


Data Management and Reporting ToolsData Management and Reporting Tools
Ignitia easily creates reports for students, teachers, administrators, and parents, supporting to student learning and academic success. Administrators and teachers can review student grades, progress, lesson plans, and action items on demand.


Message CenterMessage Center
Designed to facilitate the flow of information and enrich the learning experience both inside and outside a specific course, Ignitia's message center helps to enable effective communication among all users.


Assignment ScreensAssignment Screens
Students get a consolidated view of daily assignments, curriculum overviews, due dates, subject reviews, and grades with this organizational feature geared to keep them on track. Teacher assignment screens allow them to edit, add, remove, or reorder assignments, as well as change due dates of projects and tasks to pace coursework appropriately or according to individualized learning plans.


Media-rich LearningMedia-rich Learning
More than 50,000 multimedia elements including audio and video files, challenging games, interactive exercises, a historical timeline, and integrated video clips reinforce concepts and offer in depth explanation of key points.


Student ModeStudent Mode
This feature allows students to view presentations, answer lesson questions in and out of sequence, and record notes and questions with an electronic notepad.


Book ReportsBook Reports
Enriching book reports introduce a variety of genres, annotated book lists, and links to additional literary resources.


Text Translation ToolText Translation Tool
With our text translation tool, lesson text can be translated into 20 different languages. The tool enhances learning by allowing students to have lesson content read aloud in the language of their choice via the text-to-speech feature.


This user-friendly application allows students to hear selected passages or entire lessons to promote greater understanding by simply highlighting the text within the lesson.


Smart Search and Filtering FunctionsSmart Search and Filtering Functions
Relevant data can be quickly retrieved from targeted lists to increase efficiency and simplify reporting.


Strong, Reliable Security SafeguardsStrong, Reliable Security Safeguards
Role-based access controls, automatic expiration, and other security features enforce and support a credible learning experience.


Useful ToolsUseful Tools
Ignitia includes a reference tool, a feedback tool, and a support link to help students learn and encourage them to take responsibility for their own education.


Integrated Web LinksIntegrated Web Links
Ignitia includes optional web links that reference primary sources and relevant information associated with the lessons that inject historical and global perspectives and encourage self-directed learning.


Printing OptionsPrinting Options
Convert on-screen information to the printed page with flexible printing options. Students and teachers can print entire assignments, lessons, vocabulary lists, problems, and records.


New FeaturesIgnitia Updates
Dynamic and flexible, Ignitia is continually updated, ensuring teachers and students in your Christian school receive the latest in state-of-the-art tools and the most current improvements. Get the most recent updates.