Faith-Based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for Grades 6-12

Helping students build healthy attitudes and behaviors through a powerful SEL curriculum

Building a faith-based social and emotional learning foundation is more challenging than ever. Students need to develop healthy skills, attitudes, and behaviors to guide them through life’s challenges. Purpose Prep™ offers a comprehensive, faith-based SEL curriculum, including online courses and lessons.

Build Confidence to Make Positive Choices

Purpose Prep Faith-Based SEL is designed to encourage student interaction with relevant topics, provide opportunities to define and understand emotions and behaviors, and build the confidence to make more positive choices.

Biblically Aligned SEL Curriculum

Lessons feature the Purpose Prep experts: a diverse group of people from around the world including Christian faith leaders, business leaders, celebrities, athletes, and more. Their experiences bring learning to life through personal conversations and real-world examples with practical Christian messaging and discipleship modeling. The faith-based SEL curriculum is Biblically aligned and guided by Scripture, with Christian-centered calls to action and family assignments.

Prevention Through Empowerment

The Purpose Prep Faith-Based SEL course library provides flexible course and lesson assignment options. Use the full courses as curriculum for a home room, elective, or before/after school program, or incorporate individual lessons to supplement instruction in the classroom. The LMS allows for instruction in a full-class setting with synchronous teaching and conversation, or in an asynchronous model for a fully online learning experience including an online discussion board.

Seven Faith-Based SEL Courses

  • Calling, Vision, Mission
  • Personal Growth & Maturity
  • Identity in Christ
  • Transformed through Christ

Believing the Impossible in College, Career, & Life

  • Life After High School
  • College & Career Preparation
  • Tools for Success
  • Starting School & Getting the Job

Stewarding Mental Health

  • Pursue Excellence
  • Become a Peacemaker
  • Change the World
  • More than a Conqueror

Fulfill Your God Given Calling

  • Pursue a Fulfilling Life
  • Make A Kingdom Impact
  • Words & Thoughts Have Power
  • God Centered Relationships

Biblical Social & Emotional Principles

  • Living Wisely
  • Abide in God’s Presence
  • Recognizing Grace
  • God is on the Winning Side

Christianity & Emerging

  • Today’s Digital Landscape
  • Technology Possibilities
  • Digital Application
  • The Job Market

Discipleship & Accountability

  • Maturing in Christ
  • Building a Vision
  • Identity in Christ
  • Being Whole