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AOP’s library of free online webinars hit on important topics affecting today’s students, teachers, and schools, including mental health, bullying, budgets, teaching practices, and much more.

Ignitia Q&A

Expand Your Expertise
Do you have questions regarding Ignitia? Come together as we tackle your questions in a live forum. This webinar is dedicated to answering your Ignitia questions. Everyone’s invited! Whether you are an administrator, teacher, or support staff, connect with other schools and learn together with our Ignitia experts. We look forward to working with you and encourage you to submit your questions ahead of time within the questions panel on the registration page. Registration is required to attend the session.
Date & Time: Last Thursday of the Month at 8 a.m. or 2:30 p.m. (CT) – No sessions November or December


ACSI-Approved Courses

Our one-hour professional development courses are ACSI-approved, so ACSI members receive 1 CEU for every 6 hours of direct instruction, at a rate of .17 credits per hour. Certificates of completion are provided.

JAN 2018 – Digital Curriculum Strategies

Digital Curriculum Strategies for Individual Student Success
If you’re passionate about seeing students reach their full potential, focus on these strategies to keep students on pace with individualized, online deliverable curriculum. Pastor Yarbrough is the senior pastor of Monterey Bay Christian Center, superintendent of Monterey Bay Christian School,and author of Building Strong Foundations.

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FEB 2018 – Generation Z

How Do I Relate to Generation Z?
Generation Z, born from 2001-2017, is growing up in ways that have never been experienced, and it has affected the way they view the world. To prepare them for a world that is constantly changing, we need to communicate differently, teach them differently, and focus on new skills. Join Dr. Billie McConnell as he explains how to relate to this new generation.

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MAR 2018 – Winning the Year

March Madness: Getting the Jump on Winning the Year!
Discover strategies and insights for administrators and teachers to bring students in for the win. Joe Bakker, former principal for Alpha Omega Academy, addresses pacing and completion concerns through evaluation, communication, and reporting. He also discusses cleaning up enrollments and running the set play for summer course customization.

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APR 2018 – Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness in Schools
Gain valuable insight during an overview of mental health issues affecting today’s youth. Join Chersti Hansen, academic school counselor at Alpha Omega Academy, as she explores behaviors and warning signs educators can look for, as well as tips for teaching emotional well-being and everyday-life coping skills.

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APR 2018 – Custom Course Creator

Explore Ignitia’s Custom Course Creator
Take your courses to the next level with Ignitia’s custom course creator! Charlene Hauser, implementation consultant for AOP, explores how to customize courses for your students. We cover the basics of how the custom course creator tool works, as well as discover how you can use it to create your own assignments and assessments in Ignitia.

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MAY 2018 – Year-End Wrap-Up

Year-End Wrap-Up Best Practices
Review Ignitia best practices that make closing out the school year simple and easy. Katie Rasch, implementation consultant for AOP covers running reports, archiving graduating students and completed courses, and cleaning up your site in preparation for the next school year.

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JUN 2018 – CTE

The What, Why, & How of CTE
In recent years Career & Technical Education (CTE) has become a tremendous trend in education around the world. Chris Lundy and Debbie Romashko, education consultants for AOP, present what CTE is, why it’s important, and how you can create an action plan for implementation at your school.

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JUL 2018 – Dollars and Sense

Dollars and Sense: Making Every Dollar Count
One of the most problematic areas in education isn’t curriculum, staff, parents or even students. It’s money! There’s never enough of it for everything we need. This practical webinar dives into sound financial principles and fundamental practices to make your budget stretch a little further! Presented by Pastor Yarbrough, senior pastor of Monterey Bay Christian Center, superintendent of Monterey Bay Christian School, and author of Building Strong Foundations.

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AUG 2018 – Bullying

Beyond “Sticks & Stones”
Sticks and stones break bones, but words hurt too! Chersti Hansen, academic school counselor with Alpha Omega Academy, presents on the nature and scope of bullying, its pervasiveness, and the impact it has on our youth. Primary areas of focus include the interpersonal dynamics of bullying and its consequences, as well as addressing the needs of those affected and a review of prevention efforts. Cyberbullying and its unique characteristics are also explored.

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SEP 2018 – Oversight & Intervention

Oversight and Intervention
Utilizing your learning management system to make data-driven decisions while keeping God’s design for each unique student is a challenge for teachers and admins alike. Join Monterey Bay Christian School Principal, Jacob Voyce, M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction, with over a decade of individualized instructional design and implementation experience as she presents strategies for optimum utilization of what is at your fingertips.

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OCT 2018 – College Planning

Preparing Students for the College Planning Process
Give your students the information they need while planning for college! Join us for October’s free Professional Development webinar as Adree Steventon, Counselor for Alpha Omega Academy, discusses how students can make preparations each year of high school, shares resources to help students connect values and interests to college and career pathways, and suggests classroom activities to help engage students in the college planning process.

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NOV 2018 – Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies for Christian Schools
Start attracting new students using digital marketing strategies! Brian Lambert, vice president of product and partnerships at AOP, examines the basics of digital marketing. This session highlights the most powerful tools available in online and digital marketing and touches on how to use them from a beginner’s perspective. Topics include search engine marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

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DEC 2018 – Accreditation

To Be or Not To Be—That is the Question with Accreditation
Josh Rose, executive director of academy operations, provides insights, as well as an overview of some of the factors to consider in deciding whether to pursue or not pursue accreditation for your school. A helpful approach to deciding on accreditation with your leadership team is covered, including alternatives to formal accreditation (self-accreditation) and making accreditation maintenance work for you.

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JAN 2019 – Preparing Students

Preparing Students for Their Future
Are your students prepared for their future after graduation? Join us for a free webinar as Laura Goodman, Junior Achievement Vice President of Volunteer Engagement, explores how you can boost your students’ confidence and help them succeed in the areas of career and college readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. In addition, you’ll learn practical strategies you can use to help prepare or strengthen your students in these areas.

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JAN 2019 – Safe and Supportive School

Creating a Safe and Supportive School
Establishing a safe and supportive school environment is one of the foundations in educating students. By examining the needs of your school, you can create an environment where all students can thrive. Join us as Ben Fernandez, Prevention Services Coordinator for Loudoun County Public Schools in the Washington, D.C. metro area, provides an overview of the necessary components and discusses key strategies to establish and maintain a safe and supportive school environment.

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FEB 2019 – Spiritual Formation in Youth

Building Spiritual Formation in Youth
Academics are undoubtedly important in the lives of our students. However, Mark 8:36 asks, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Building a solid spiritual formation in students is the most important task we have as educators. So, how can we do that effectively and how can we make it stick once they’ve moved beyond the walls of our school? Join us for a free webinar as Pastor Jason Yarbrough discusses how to allow the Holy Spirit to help us focus on our most crucial responsibility.

Pastor Yarbrough is the senior pastor of Monterey Bay Christian Center, superintendent of Real Life Christian School, and author of Building Strong Foundations.

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FEB 2019 – Parents of Special Needs Students

Working Alongside Parents of Special Needs Students
Do you ever feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of working with families of children impacted by special needs? Do you feel like they are falling through the cracks? This month, join us for a special learning opportunity as Jonathan and Sarah McGuire, Founders of Hope Anew, help us gain an understanding of the unique challenges faced by these families and be better equipped to work alongside them in educating their children.

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MAR 2019 – An Amazing Transcript

How to Create an Amazing Transcript
Your students can gain an edge with one secret ingredient on your transcript. If you don’t know it, author and Fox News Contributor Jean Burk will share the answer in this incredible free workshop. Discover the insider criteria Harvard uses to judge applicants and why summer break needs to be more than just a vacation. Learn how your students can correctly build a portfolio that will impress any admissions counselor. If you have college-bound students, you cannot afford to miss this free opportunity!

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MAR 2019 – Emotionally Intelligent Students

5 Pillars of Raising Emotionally Intelligent Students
As educators, it’s easy to spend our energy on choosing the right curriculum or ensuring mastery of certain subjects to give our students a rich and rewarding academic education. However, we can’t forget to focus on teaching them a greater level of emotional intelligence and helping them mature spiritually as well. This workshop explores the five pillars of emotionally intelligent students and offers practical strategies to help teachers develop students who live, love, and lead well.

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APR 2019 – Rachel’s Challenge

Rachel’s Challenge
Inspire kindness and compassion within your students. Join us for a special presentation featuring the work of Rachel’s Challenge. Based on the life and writings of Rachel Joy Scott, who was the first victim of the Columbine school shootings in 1999, Rachel’s Challenge is an organization that equips and inspires students, educators, and parents to replace acts of violence, bullying, and negativity with acts of respect, kindness, and compassion. Come learn how you can incorporate the message of Rachel’s Challenge into your school.

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APR 2019 – Learning and Faith

Grit, Social-Emotional Learning, and Faith
Today’s generation lives in an almost constant state of stress and anxiety. Constant connections, horrific news, terrorists, school, family breakdowns, busy schedules, cyberbullying, and high expectations all add up to a generation with so much stress that they would be committed to a mental institution if they had lived in the 1950s. How can we help as educators? In this webinar, Dr. Billie McConnell examines how grit, social-emotional learning, and faith can all come together to give students the tools not just to cope but to thrive.

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MAY 2019 – Procedures in Ignitia

End of the Year Procedures in Ignitia
Come review Ignitia best practices that will make closing out the school year simple and easy. We’ll cover everything you need to know to finish the school year successfully. A demonstration will include running reports, archiving graduating students and completed courses, and cleaning up your Ignitia site in preparation for the 2019-2020 school year.
Wednesday, May 8 at 2 p.m. (CT)

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MAY 2019 – Transitioning Students from High School to College

What Every Christian University Leader Wishes Every Christian School Leader Knew
Students have a lot to consider when deciding on the right college for them. Learn how you can help! Join us as Dr. Kim Boyd, Dean for the College of Education at Oral Roberts University, examines insights on what Christian school leaders should consider to create a seamless transition from high school to college for young adults.
Tuesday, May 14 at 11 a.m. (CT)

JUN 2019 – Best Practices

Best Practices in Using and Supplementing with Ignitia Curriculum
Are you using Ignitia to its full potential? Come join Jacob Voyce, principal at Monterey Bay Christian School in California, as he presents practical strategies for optimum utilization of Ignitia online curriculum in your school. With a master’s of education in curriculum and instruction, Voyce has over a decade of experience in individualized instructional design and implementation.
Thursday, June 6 at 12 p.m. (CT)

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JUN 2019 – What Can AOA Do for Your School?

What Can AOA Do for Your School?
Today’s Christian schools are faced with a number of challenges, including limited teacher resources, accreditation, and individualized pacing for students. Alpha Omega Academy (AOA) may be a solution to meet your school’s needs. Join us as Julia Ellis, AOA principal, explains what our online academy can do for your school and the benefits that come with partnering with us.
Monday, June 17 at 1 p.m. (CT)

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JUL 2019 – Evaluating Placement Tests

Evaluating Placement Tests
Reading and evaluating placement tests can be a daunting task. Let us help you better understand what the results mean for you and your students so you can help support them in their success! Join us as Sandee Stettnichs, an educational consultant from Alpha Omega Academy, answers your questions on how to read and evaluate placement tests in Ignitia online curriculum.
Tuesday, July 9 at 11 a.m. (CT)

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JUL 2019 – Working With “Attitude Germ”

Working With “Attitude Germ”
Attitude germ is a condition that holds classrooms captive to the sentiments of one or two dominant personalities. Students who spread the disease gain power by demotivating others or by encouraging resistance, while followers emulate their negativity to preserve status or to avoid ridicule or rejection. Join us as Al Bandstra, a middle school teacher and author of Beyond Control: Heart-Centered Classroom Climate and Discipline, talks about this debilitating illness and offers healing practices for instigators, followers, and teachers.
Tuesday, July 23 at 11 a.m. (CT)

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AUG 2019 – Classroom Climate and Discipline

Beyond Control: Heart-Centered Classroom Climate and Discipline
Classroom discipline problems may be reduced through behavior management, but what can be done about the factors that drive misbehavior? Join us as Alan Bandstra, a middle school teacher and author, combines insights from motivational theory, Scripture, and 30 years of classroom experience to provide encouragement and advice on how to create a heart-centered classroom for teachers who struggle with the attitudes of wayward children.
Thursday, August 8 at 11 a.m. (CT)

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AUG 2019 – Mindset and Ownership

Mindset and Ownership
Many students today believe that teaching is when someone else tells them what to believe or think. They view formal learning as something done to them, as opposed to what they do. The result is a generation of students who have lost the ability to explore, create, and creatively think. Join us as Dr. Billie McConnell, a leading educator with over 30 years of experience in education, examines how to restructure the minds of our students and classrooms to help students develop a growth mindset and see learning as something they own.
Monday, August 19 at 11 a.m. (CT)

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SEP 2019 – The Best Kept Secret to Free College

The Best Kept Secret to Free College – The PSAT
Contrary to popular belief, “P” does not stand for practice. In reality, the PSAT is a scholarship qualifying test, and it can help your students get into just about any college. You won’t want to miss this opportunity as author Jean Burk, founder of College Prep Genius, convention speaker, and homeschool mom, shares the 3 little-known secrets about the PSAT and 11 steps to success. Learn how to help students get colleges begging them to enroll and pick up the tab at the same time!
Thursday, September 12 at 11 a.m. (CT)

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SEP 2019 – Get a Grip!

Get a Grip!
What do current leaders and celebrities say is the most important advice they can give? How does their advice differ from the advice you would give someone? Join us as Bill Jack from Worldview Academy shares his five key necessary ideas you need to have a fulfilled, well-rounded life.
Monday, September 16 at 11 a.m. (CT)

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OCT 2019 – Your Students Can Ace the SAT

Your Students Can Ace the SAT
Test-prep Guru, Jean Burk, will share her secrets of SAT success that have helped students from all over the world raise their test scores. Learn how to find shortcuts in test patterns and save time on all types of questions. If you have students in high school, you can’t miss this seminar about preparing them for the SAT!
Tuesday, October 1st at 1 p.m. (CT)

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OCT 2019 – Considerations in Curriculum Implementation

Considerations in Curriculum Implementation
Explore guidelines and ideas to consider when deciding on the best curriculum for not only your school, but your staff and students as well. What are the key things to consider when adopting a new curriculum? Come join Jacob Voyce, principal at Monterey Bay Christian School, as he examines what considerations are necessary to successfully implement a new curriculum program.
Friday, October 25th at 12:30 p.m. Central (CT)

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NOV 2019 – Top Ten Secrets to Standardized Tests

Top Ten Secrets to Standardized Tests
Do you know the little-known secrets that can hinder SAT/ACT and PSAT test scores and scholarship money for your students? If not, join us as author, Jean Burk, uncovers misinformation that’s been perpetrated for years. Discover the key to beating these tests and how your students can receive life-changing, incredible scholarship money!
Thursday, November 7th at 1 p.m. Central (CT)

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NOV 2019 – Where’s God in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Where’s God in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?
SEL, growth mindset, grit, anxiety, depression, and mental health are all major topics when discussing the development of our youth today, and rightly so. This generation is dealing with more issues, and in new ways, than the older generations could ever imagine. The development of social-emotional learning is critical for our youth, but where does God fit into all of this? Come join Dr. Billie J. McConnell as he discusses faith-based SEL.
Monday, November 11th at 11 a.m. Central (CT)

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DEC 2019 – Free College at Your Fingertips

Free College at Your Fingertips
Can your students really make $500 an hour? Although it sounds too good to be true, it’s possible to earn this much in scholarships for college. If you have students planning to attend college, you don’t want to miss this webinar! Author, Jean Burk, will explore how your students can get into the college of their choice and how to find the scholarships to pay for it. What an amazing gift for them!
Tuesday, December 3rd at 11 a.m. Central (CT)

JAN 2020 – Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Do you work with students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? ASD is a complex, lifelong developmental disability that affects an individual’s abilities related to social interaction, communication, sensory processing, self-regulation, and executive functioning. Join us for a special learning opportunity as Eric Ringgenberg, Education Program Director from the Autism Society of Minnesota, breaks down some of the complexity of Autism, reviews common challenges and strengths of individuals on the spectrum, and provides additional resources for further understanding of ASD.
Wednesday, January 15th at 1 p.m. Central

Live Webinar
MAR 2020 – Discover Ignitia’s Custom Course Creator

Discover Ignitia’s Custom Course Creator
ake your courses to the next level with Ignitia’s Custom Course Creator and Teacher Authoring Tool! Join us for this free Professional Development webinar as Charlene Hauser, Implementation Consultant for AOP, explores how to customize courses for your students. We will cover the basics of how the Custom Course Creator tool works as well as discover how you can use it to create your own assignments and assessments in Ignitia.
Thursday, March 19th at 11 a.m. Central

Live Webinar

Ignitia Implementation Workshops

Get Ignitia up and running at your Christian school in no time! Our implementation workshops help administrators and teachers feel confident using the Ignitia curriculum to help students succeed. Both webinar and on-site training options are available, depending on the needs of educators at your school. For pricing information or to schedule your session, contact Alpha Omega Publications at 877-760-0278.

Webinar Implementation

Package A: Webinar Implementation
Webinar 1: Implementation and Administrative Mode
Webinar 2: Teacher and Student Modes

Additional Support
• 1-hour Implementation Follow-up Webinar
• Unlimited Tech Support
• Ignitia Training Resources

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Onsite Implementation 1

Package B: Webinar/1 Day Onsite Implementation
Webinar 1: Implementation and Administrative Mode
Onsite: 1 Day Teacher and Student Modes

Additional Support
• 2-hour Implementation Follow-up Webinar
• Unlimited Tech Support
• Ignitia Training Resources

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Onsite Implementation 2

Package C: 2-Day Onsite/Onsite Implementation
Onsite: 1 Day Implementation and Administrative Mode
Onsite: 1 Day Student and Teacher Modes 2 Consecutive Days

Additional Support
• 2-hour Implementation Follow-up Webinar
• Unlimited Tech Support
• Ignitia Training Resources

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Basic Implementation

Basic Implementation Admin & Teacher Modes Webinar
3-hour Combined Administrator and Teacher/Student Implementation Webinar
• Designed for the tech-savvy education professionals who are already using Ignitia and are well-versed in online education best practices
•  Ideal for schools that have a new administrator or new teachers who, although they have the support of current Ignitia user mentors, would benefit from implementation training

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Admin Overview

Implementation and Administrative Mode Session
This session provides an overview of Ignitia to new administrative users. The consultant facilitates a discussion to establish an implementation plan for the school. This plan includes guidelines, settings, and other administrator functions to meet their specific school needs. Included is an overview of credit recovery options, academic solutions, reporting, messaging, and feedback.

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Teacher Overview

Teacher and Student Mode Session
This session provides teachers with an overview of Ignitia. Participants actively review course content, learn how to navigate the user interface, and customize learning for students. A technical overview of course customization, placement exams, and use of diagnostic tools are included.

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Implementation Follow-up

Implementation Follow-up Webinar
After the completion of the Training Package sessions, the Implementation Follow-up Webinar should be scheduled within four months of the training date. This webinar may include a review of the Ignitia features or a Q & A for the administrator and/or the teachers. This is also a great opportunity to train any new teachers joining you midway through the school year!

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Advanced Implementation

Advanced Implementation Admin & Teacher Mode (2 Hours)
This workshop is designed for those who have completed Ignitia Basic Admin & Teacher Implementation Training. Delve deep into the Ignitia tools available for teachers and students to meet specific learner needs. Along the way, review batch enrollment, Prescriptive CRx and FLEX modes, the Custom Course Creator Tool, and Ignitia’s reporting features.

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Course Customization

Course Customization Workshop (2 Hours)
In this advanced workshop, participants review the construction of course creation through a build-along session that promotes deeper conceptual understanding. Culminating in the demonstration of their original hybrid customized course, participants gain a robust knowledge of Ignitia’s tools, practical applications of the Teacher Authoring Tool, and a tangible product for immediate classroom use.

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Diagnostics That Deliver

Diagnostics That Deliver: Placement Testing/Mini Lessons (2 Hours)
In this advanced training, participants review how to use Ignitia placement tests to ensure individual student placement and develop a custom course of mini-lessons that assist students with meeting grade-level expectations. The session also reviews the updated reporting features in Ignitia to ensure schools are pulling reports that provide information they need to track progress of individual students and the school at large.

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Ignitia Renewal

Ignitia Renewal (2 Hours)
This workshop is designed for schools that have been using Ignitia for at least one full year. Throughout the renewal training, participants review Ignitia with a focus on new product features and enhancements. The remainder of the training is customized to focus on the specific needs of the staff and administration at the school.

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Customized 2-Hour Workshop

Customized 2-Hour Workshop (2 Hours)
An experienced implementation consultant provides expertise and support to school staff based on the identified implementation needs. The customized webinar may include facilitating a needs assessment, data analysis, problem-solving, site and district goal setting, implementation systems relating to Ignitia, and education leader coaching.

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Additional Training

Additional Workshop Hour(s) (1 Hour)
If you want your team to benefit from additional training beyond the scheduled workshop time, please call 877-760-0278 to make that arrangement. The extra time must be scheduled in 1-hour increments, paired with a currently scheduled Ignitia Implementation workshop, and held continuously.

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On-site PD Workshops

Because we share your commitment to Christian education, Alpha Omega Publications offers a series of half or full day professional development and training options to support your school, teachers, and students. Contact Alpha Omega Publications at 877-760-0278 for pricing information or to schedule your session.

Custom Professional Development

Custom Professional Development Workshop
AOP would be honored to develop and present a customized professional development workshop specifically tailored for your Christian school! Our professional development team will work with you in a pre-workshop call or webinar to design a customized session on a wide variety of education topics and trends that can enhance your team’s skills and knowledge and meet the needs and interests of your staff. Customized workshops are available via 2 or 4-hour webinars, 1 or 2-day onsite workshops, or a combination of both.

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Exploring Blended Learning

Exploring Blended Learning Models
Blended learning is one of the fastest-growing and most successful instructional models for delivering flexible learning options to today’s learners. In this one-day workshop, we define blended learning, reflect upon current practices, and introduce concrete strategies for implementing various models along the blended spectrum into the classroom. Join us to discover the five models of blended learning and determine which one is the best for your classroom.

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Deconstructing Bloom’s Taxonomy

Deconstructing Bloom's Taxonomy for Use in the 21st Century Classroom
Bloom’s Taxonomy of Education Objectives has been a foundation for planning effective instruction since 1956. When written well, instructional goals and objectives assist educators in identifying course content, organizing instruction, and helping students achieve course expectations. In this half-day workshop, we review the hierarchy of educational objectives, identify ways to incorporate Bloom’s Taxonomy into the lesson planning process, and create educational objectives that challenge students to move from the most basic cognitive skills toward learning that is more complex.

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Implementing Differentiated Instruction

Implementing Differentiated Instruction for Mastery Learning
Successful differentiated instruction provides a range of approaches to learning to make it relevant for all students. The approach modifies the learning plan without differentiating expectations, which allows academically diverse learners to achieve success. This workshop provides educators with the tools they need to embrace differences among students and develop multiple options for learning. Throughout the day, we examine strategies that allow students to absorb information, make sense of ideas, and express what they learn so all students are actively participating in and mastering learning.

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Empowering Digital Leadership

Empowering Digital Leadership and Maximizing Its Potential in Education
Students today are “digital natives” in search of ways to connect the relevance of school and life using common technology elements. In this one-day workshop, we develop a strategy for incorporating technology into the classroom and discuss ways to help your digital learners make the connections that unlock their educational potential by giving them the opportunities to communicate, collaborate, and express themselves through technology.

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Additional Workshop Topics

Additional Workshop Topics Available
• Fortifying Students’ 21st Century Skills
• Inspiring Student Success through Individualization
• Connecting Real World Experiences with CTE
• Enchancing Teaching and Learning with Custom Content
• Implementing Online Teaching Best Practices
• Utilizing Social Media to Heighten Community Engagement
• Encouraging Creativity in the Classroom
• And More!

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