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If your seventh grader needs to learn what the Bible has to say about worship, then the LIFEPAC 7th Grade Bible Unit 1 Worktext is for him. This consumable, print-based Alpha Omega curriculum presents what the Old and New Testaments say about worship. It includes self-checks and one removable teacher-administered test.




Do you want an effective and thorough method to help your seventh grader learn what the Bible says about true worship? Do you want him to be able to explain what the Old and New Testaments say about worship? Then Alpha Omega Publications has just the curriculum—the LIFEPAC 7th Grade Bible Unit 1 Worktext! This interesting, King James Version-based consumable booklet starts with the nature of worship and then takes your student through a survey of the Old and New Testament Scriptures relating to worship. The Alpha Omega curriculum then finishes up with clear teaching about true worship.

But that's not all of the advantages offered by this helpful worktext! Along with clear instruction and review questions, the LIFEPAC 7th Grade Bible Unit 1 Worktext has thought-provoking self tests and a challenging teacher-administered test. This first in a series of ten worktexts is ultra-thin and can be completed in just three to four weeks. So instead of hauling around a thick textbook, your child will have the pleasure of finishing a small worktext and then moving onto the next task! Everything included in this LIFEPAC worktext is designed to reinforce and solidify comprehension and mastery of the concepts your child is learning. So don't delay—add the best-selling LIFEPAC 7th Grade Bible Unit 1 Set to your cart today.

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