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Alpha Omega Publications has the resources you need to make your Christian school a success. We've created a collection of tips, articles, training resources, marketing materials, and much more to help your Christian school grow. Our mission is to provide the best resources, tools, ideas, and advice possible so you can make wise decisions for your Christian school.

Getting Started
Whether you’re starting a new Christian school or considering ways to improve your Christian school, Alpha Omega Publications is here to help. Explore our curriculum and placement tests, and discover how you can partner with us to achieve your Christian education goals.

Whitepapers and Articles
Our collection of resources provides valuable tips for operating a successful Christian school.

Professional Development and Training
Enhance training at your Christian school with professional development options from Alpha Omega Publications.

Marketing Materials and Reference Documents
Find answers to your questions about our curriculum, specialty courses, Ignitia features, and more with these helpful resources.

Classroom Tools
Enrich your classroom with free academic tools from Alpha Omega Publications to help your students succeed.

Staying Connected
Follow our blog and social media accounts to stay up-to-date on all the latest teaching tips, ideas, and new product offerings available from Alpha Omega Publications.

Ignitia Success Stories
Find out how champion schools across the country are using Ignitia online curriculum to expand their academic offerings, increase their enrollment, and better serve their students.

Ignitia Tutorials
These free resources help members of your Christian school become familiar with Ignitia online curriculum. The video tutorials address a variety of topics ranging from basic Ignitia operation to specific features, such as custom projects and Ignitia Writer.

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