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Would you like to teach your homeschool child about the different forms of energy? Then get the LIFEPAC General Science II Unit 5 Worktext! This colorful, consumable Alpha Omega curriculum uses easy-to-follow lessons to teach your student about energy, energy conversions, entropy, and more! The print-based worktext includes tests.




Does your student have a lot of energy? Would you like to take his energy and channel it into learning meaningful science lessons—about energy? Well today is your day! Alpha Omega Publications has the perfect homeschool curriculum for you: the LIFEPAC General Science II Unit 5 Worktext! This vibrant, entertaining worktext uses captivating, easy-to-follow lessons to teach your homeschool child all about energy. This fifth unit in a series of ten eighth grade science worktexts will teach your student about kinetic energy, potential energy, other forms of energy, energy conversions, and entropy. The worktext uses colorful illustrations, activities, experiments, and exercises so your student won't have a chance to get bored with his work!

That's not even the best part! The LIFEPAC curriculum uses mastery learning techniques, so your student will really learn his science concepts, never biting off more than he can chew. Plus, this Alpha Omega curriculum isn't big and bulky like a regular textbook. Your child can actually see progress being made and will feel a huge sense of achievement when he finishes the worktext in just three to four weeks! The worktext is affordable and promotes independent learning—making it a great homeschool curriculum choice for the family homeschooling more than one child! The worktext comes complete with reviews, several self tests, and one removable teacher-administered test. Make teaching science hassle-free with the LIFEPAC General Science II Unit 5 Worktext. Order your copy today!

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