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Peek into eternity as LIFEPAC New Testament Survey Unit 6 Worktext guides the exploration of the seven churches, the seven seals, the seven signs, and the seven judgments in the Book of Revelation. This print-based Alpha Omega curriculum includes tests to assess your homeschooler's understanding of this intriguing study.




Have you ever wondered about what the future holds? The LIFEPAC New Testament Survey Unit 6 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications draws back the veil and allows your curious, homeschool student to explore the mysteries of the end times from a solid biblical perspective. By tackling the revealed apocalypse in an orderly, systematic manner, your teen will be developing critical thinking skills as he investigates the 7's of Revelation—learning the messages to the seven churches, finding the cause behind the seven seals and trumpets, discovering the warnings of the seven signs and plagues, and understanding the reason behind the seven judgments and wonders.

How does this happen? This Alpha Omega curriculum uses the KJV and combines the study text with thought-provoking questions, all in one thin, easy-to-use booklet. Avoid the distraction of flipping back and forth between a bulky book and loose papers. Everything needed to study, review, and test is right here in the consumable LIFEPAC New Testament Survey Unit 6 Worktext. Your child can focus on learning what the Bible says, not on shuffling papers. Another great advantage—at the completion of the unit, you can administer the final test yourself, so you will be assured your student has fully mastered the material. In just three to four weeks, your child will be able to master this sixth unit of a ten-part Bible series. So help your teen understand end times by ordering the LIFEPAC New Testament Survey Unit 6 Worktext today. Add it to your order now!

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