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Before you know it, your homeschooler will have to make adult choices! The LIFEPAC New Testament Survey Unit 9 Worktext helps him understand God's will for his life. The encouraging, print-based Alpha Omega curriculum directs him through key points of developing goals and using talents. Includes self-checks and a final test.




What is the biggest decision you have ever had to make? Wasn't it finding God's will for you life? Well now Alpha Omega Publications can help your teen with making decisions according to God's will. That's because the LIFEPAC New Testament Survey Unit 9 Worktext is all about finding God's will for your student's life! This consumable worktext begins with lessons that help your teen to understand how to determine God's will. Topics studied include starting with looking to your heart; how it differs, how it matches, and how it aligns with God's heart. Next your child will learn how to develop goals, and just as importantly, to keep them! This easy-to-follow Alpha Omega curriculum, all of which can be completed in just three to four weeks, then wraps up with training for evaluating and utilizing your student's God-given talents.

There's more! This print-based worktext is light weight and portable, easy to use and can be taken anywhere your student wants, great if he has a private thinking spot. Consistent reviews and self tests are included so you can easily check to see how well your student has mastered the lesson's concepts. And the LIFEPAC New Testament Survey Unit 9 Worktext, ninth in a ten-part series, also comes with a removable teacher-administered test too, so you can test comprehension. Bible verses (in KJV), flexible lessons, and a structured format are all included. So help your student find God's will for his life! Order the LIFEPAC New Testament Survey Unit 9 Worktext now.

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