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Does your highschooler know all the physical body systems? If not, get the LIFEPAC High School Health Unit 1 Worktext! This illustrated, consumable booklet offers an in-depth, Bible-based look at all the human body systems. Topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum also cover the stages of physical development, from conception to adulthood. Tests are included.




Does your high school student know the difference between skeletal, digestive, and immune systems? Does he understand how all the body systems are interconnected and work together? After completing the LIFEPAC High School Health Unit 1 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications, he will! Made for your maturing high school student, this colorful, informative elective worktext contains a comprehensive look at physical health, all the body systems, and human growth and development! Complete with clearly illustrated lessons, this print-based homeschool worktext presents physical health from a solid, Christian-based perspective. This first in a series of five high school health curriculum worktexts comes with a wide variety of question formats like fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and underlining the correct answer.

Do you want to know more? The LIFEPAC High School Health Unit 1 Worktext also has creative, thought-provoking activities like interviewing an older relative and reading why people have different skin colors. Here's more good news. If you child is tired of studying out of large, over-sized textbooks, he'll love this slimed-down, consumable Alpha Omega curriculum which only takes three to four weeks to complete! Now, he'll be sure to find that motivating! Worried your student will really remember concepts? Rest assured. This LIFEPAC worktext uses mastery learning techniques like consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test—all designed to ensure your student is retaining information! So, if your child doesn't know his body systems, all you have to do is teach the LIFEPAC High School Health Unit 1 Worktext, made for grades 8-12! Add a copy of this elective to your order today.

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