Lifepac History 1103

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Take a trip to history's Era of Good Feelings during the 1800s with the consumable, print-based LIFEPAC 11th Grade American History Unit 3 Worktext. This exciting Alpha Omega curriculum contains an in-depth look at the War of 1812, the Louisiana Purchase, and the beginning of our country's federal government. Reviews and tests are included.




How did America unite after it won its freedom from England? Who was involved in the War of 1812? Why was the Louisiana Purchase a good move for the U.S.? Learn the answers to these questions and more with the LIFEPAC 11th Grade American History Unit 3 Worktext! This third in a series of ten U.S. history worktexts contains engaging, easy-to-understand lessons, dynamic illustrations, and captivating activities that take your child back to the early 1800s. As he closely examines the events that contributed to the growth of our nation, your child will learn how a strong federal government was developed, the factors that led to the War of 1812, and the advancement of nationalism and sectionalism. Student-directed, self-paced instruction in this Alpha Omega curriculum allows your child to linger and study topics of particular interest more deeply. Likewise, he can also move quickly through areas with which he is already familiar. In all, the LIFEPAC 11th Grade American History Unit 3 Worktext only takes three to four weeks to complete, enhancing your child's sense of accomplishment.
A closer look reveals more great features to this fun-filled homeschool curriculum! The consumable LIFEPAC 11th Grade American History Unit 3 Worktext is slim, compact, and easy to handle for studying on the go. Plus the easy-to-read text and well-formatted pages allow your child amble room for writing answers and taking notes. With everything a young history explorer could want, isn't it time to study the past with the LIFEPAC 11th Grade American History Unit 3 Worktext? Order yours today!

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