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Is your student ready for Elizabethan literature? Then you need to try the LIFEPAC English IV Unit 6 Worktext! This enriching, consumable Alpha Omega curriculum will introduce your highschooler to renowned English literature, poetry, and drama with captivating, easy-to-follow lessons. Tests are included.




Is it time for your twelfth grader to learn more English literature? Wondering how to present Elizabethan writings in a manageable, step-by-step manner? Don't worry! Alpha Omega Publications has the answer for you: the LIFEPAC English IV Unit 6 Worktext! This interesting, print-based worktext, the sixth in a series of ten, presents a fascinating overview of Elizabethan literature with clear, step-by-step lessons. Your teen will learn essential components of Elizabethan literature including poetry, prose, drama, along with an introduction to the critical essay. Lessons in this Alpha Omega curriculum include sonnets, an in-depth look at William Shakespeare, as well as a study of the play Hamlet. In addition, this helpful worktext includes consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test, so you can easily track of your student's progress.

But that's not all! The Christian-based LIFEPAC English IV Unit 6 Worktext includes enriching, self-paced lessons that allow you student to learn at his own pace! And if your teen is often overwhelmed by huge, heavy textbooks—listen to this. This ultra-slim, manageable homeschool curriculum can be completed in three to four weeks, giving your student a wonderful sense of accomplishment! Diverse questions formats, integrated subject material, and handy vocabulary words are also added to help build your student's comprehension of English literature! Best of all, this high-school level worktext costs a fraction of the price of other literature textbooks. So foster your teen's knowledge of literature today with the LIFEPAC English IV Unit 6 Worktext. Order it today!

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