Lifepac Math 903

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Want to teach your teen a logical, step-by-step approach to solving problems? Then, the LIFEPAC Algebra I Unit 3 Worktext is your answer! This consumable Alpha Omega curriculum explains both problem analysis and shows your student the strategies for solving questions. A variety of verbal practice questions have been included, along with tests.




Does your child have a mental block when trying to solve math problems? Want to teach him a logical way to tackle problems step by step? Good news! The LIFEPAC Algebra I Unit 3 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications will help your child do just that. This helpful, consumable worktext, the third in a series of ten, explains the logic behind problem analysis and solutions with fun-to-solve coin puzzles, uniform motion puzzles, consecutive integer puzzles, mixture puzzles, and more. And the practice problems in this informative Alpha Omega curriculum will give your student the chance to develop his reasoning skills too!

There's more too! Unlike other heavy math textbooks, this thin LIFEPAC worktext will motivate your child to complete consumable lessons with its small, compact size. The result? Your teen will experience a wonderful sense of accomplishment as he completes this homeschool curriculum in three to four weeks! But here's the best part! To solidify and reinforce your student's comprehension, this LIFEPAC worktext includes consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test. What could be more reassuring than that? So erase that "I can't solve it" attitude from your teen, and replace it by teaching him a logical, step-by-step way to solve problems! Get the surprisingly affordable LIFEPAC 9th Grade Algebra I Unit 3 Worktext today.

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