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Did you know that the father of modern genetics, Gregor Mendel, was a priest as well as a scientist? Learn about him, why certain features run in the family, and more as your student takes a closer look at genetics and heredity with the colorful and consumable LIFEPAC Biology Unit 7 Worktext! Tests are included.




Has your child ever asked why his eyes are blue or why his hair is dark like his uncle's hair rather than blond like his dad? Well, now you can answer his questions by teaching him the world of genetics and heredity with the LIFEPAC Biology Unit 7 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications! This consumable worktext covers an interesting study of the pivotal experiments of the scientist Gregor Mendel which led to our modern understanding of genetics. Additional topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum cover the role of chromosomes in heredity and study molecular and human genetics. This seventh in a series of ten tenth grade science curriculum worktexts brings inheritance to life with helpful diagrams, a structured format, and easy-to-understand text.

Want to know more? Filled with quality, Christian-based content, this slim worktext is made to be ultra light and easy to carry. Unlike other bulky, overwhelming science textbooks, this thin worktext can be completed in three to four weeks, giving your teen a rewarding sense of progress! And diverse questions are conveniently integrated all throughout this consumable Alpha Omega curriculum so that your student can easily build comprehension concept by concept! Also added are flexible, student-directed lessons and hands-on experiments. On top of all that, concept reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test are included in this all-in-one homeschool curriculum so you can easily determine if your student is grasping lesson material. What could be better? So don't wait. Order the suprisingly low-cost LIFEPAC Biology Unit 7 Worktext today.

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