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Does your teenager understand how cells divide and reproduce? Want to teach him these important science concepts, but don't know how? If so, you just need to get easy-to-use LIFEPAC Biology Unit 8 Worktext! This appealing, consumable Alpha Omega curriculum covers cell reproduction with clear, step-by-step lessons. Tests are included.




Mitosis and Meiosis. Does your teen know there's more than just the spelling that's different between these two forms of cell division? After studying the LIFEPAC Biology Unit 8 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications, he'll defintely know the difference! This consumable worktext, the eighth in a series of ten, comes with clear lessons that make even the complex process of cell division and duplication simple to understand. Structured and informative, this interesting text will help explain mitosis and meiosis, asexual and sexual reproduction, and plant reproduction to your teenager learner. What's more, this Christian homeschool curriculum comes with flexible, student-directed lessons that allow your teen to work at his own pace, perfect for independent learners! Hands-on experiments are also included.

Let's look more in depth. Imagine how excited your child will be when he learns this motivating, ultra-thin worktext can be finished in three to four weeks! You sure can't get that promise with any other huge, traditional science textbook. And think of the feeling of progress your student will feel upon completing this worktext too! Want more good news? This worktext's frequent self-checks use a variety of question formats to help gauge and build student comprehension so you can be confident that your child is grasping each concept. Isn't that reassuring? And because this LIFEPAC worktext is consumable, your student will be able to answer the questions right on the page. As the teacher, you'll love the consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test that come with this all-in-one Alpha Omega curriculum. Why are you waiting? Order your copy of the LIFEPAC Biology Unit 8 Worktext now!

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