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Lifepac Science 12th Grade Set

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Time for your teen to learn upper-level science with LIFEPAC worktexts but already own the teacher's guide? Get the consumable LIFEPAC Physics 10-Unit Set! You'll receive ten easy-to-follow, print-based worktexts which contain a full year of step-by-step science lessons. Tests are included in this Alpha Omega curriculum.




Are you eager to teach your teen with the LIFEPAC science curriculum? But you already own the teacher's guide? Not a problem! Alpha Omega Publications has exactly what you need: the LIFEPAC Physics 10-Unit Set! This comprehensive set includes ten complete, easy-to-follow booklets that provide an overview of upper-level science topics. Each Christian-based, twelfth grade worktext contains consumable lessons and proven mastery learning techniques like student reviews, and self tests, as well as one removable teacher-administered test. Science content in this Alpha Omega curriculum includes kinematics, dynamics, work and energy, waves, light, static and current electricity, magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics. Hands-on experiments are also included to improve student comprehension! 

That's only the beginning! With the LIFEPAC Physics 10-Unit Set, your child's confidence will increase as he self-paces through the colorful, informative lessons. Each print-based, consumable worktext can be completed in as little as three to four weeks, providing your child with a deep sense of accomplishment. And you'll agree that the ultra-slim booklets make science study manageable, unlike the thick, overwhelming textbooks found in many upper-level science courses. Don't be left out! Give your high school student a full year of science lessons with the affordable LIFEPAC Physics 10-Unit Set! Get yours today!

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