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When the patriarchs gazed at the heavens, what did they imagine about the stars? When did their view begin to change? How do astronomers do their work today? Your seventh grader can answer those questions and many others by mastering the LIFEPAC 7th Grade Science Unit 3 Worktext. Tests are included in this Alpha Omega curriculum.




Mankind has always gazed heavenward and pondered the mystery of the universe. Where does it begin and end? How does our earth fit into the scheme of things? When and how did ancient man's perspective on the heavens begin to change? The LIFEPAC 7th Grade Science Unit 3 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications answers these and other questions for your seventh grader. In clear, easy-to-decipher prose, with thought-provoking questions to test your child's comprehension, this third in a series of ten worktexts explains the history of stargazing, from the magi to Copernicus, the geocentric theory, and the tools of the modern astronomer.

Do you want to know another reason this homeschool science curriculum makes sense for your seventh grader? In addition to text-based instruction, this self-paced Alpha Omega curriculum includes colorful illustrations, thought-provoking comprehension exercises, regular self tests, and a teacher-administered unit test—all designed to encourage mastery of lesson content. And because each LIFEPAC worktext can be completed in as little as three to four weeks, your student will experience a sense of accomplishment with the completion of each one. What more could you need? Help your seventh grader unravel some of the mysteries of the sky. Order the LIFEPAC 7th Grade Science Unit 3 Worktext today.

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