Lifepac Spanish 2 Set

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Want your homeschool child to continue his Spanish studies? Then get him the LIFEPAC Spanish II 10-Unit Set! This colorful, consumable Alpha Omega curriculum is sold without the teacher's guide and comes complete with a year's worth of Spanish lessons. Your student will build upon what he learned in the LIFEPAC Spanish I set. Tests are included in each worktext.




Are you ready for your student to learn Spanish from the LIFEPAC elective worktext curriculum, but already have a teacher's guide? Then get the LIFEPAC Spanish II 10-Unit Set! This easy-to-follow, consumable curriculum includes a year of Spanish lessons without a teacher's guide. Using the LIFEPAC elective worktext curriculum, your student will learn Spanish using captivating, frustration-free lessons! The Spanish II elective is for grades 9-12 and will expand on what your student learned in the LIFEPAC Spanish I elective worktext set. Through the course of the year, your student will learn important Spanish concepts like expressing possession, verb tenses, imperative and subjunctive mood, and lots of new vocabulary!
But wait, there's more! Your student will start the year off with an intense grammar review and use a variety of activities and exercises to solidify each new concept. Rest assured, your child will be able to speak, write, listen, and read the language better with each worktext. Each worktext contains writing sections to accompany listening exercises found in the LIFEPAC Spanish II CD Set. Your student will listen to Spanish phrases and then answer questions about what he's heard using fill-in-the-blanks, circle-the-answer, true/false, and more! Do massive, wordy textbooks demoralize your student? There is no demoralizing with the LIFEPAC Spanish II 10-Unit Set! In fact, your child will feel a new sense of motivation as he completes each worktext in just three to four weeks! Each worktext in this Alpha Omega curriculum comes with consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered test. Make teaching Spanish to your high school child easy—order your copy of the LIFEPAC Spanish II 10-Unit Set today!

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